STRIKE A POSE - Madonna Dancers

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"'Strike a Pose' gracefully reveals what happened to the dancers in Madonna's Blond Ambition tour."
-Katie Walsh, LATimes
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"Beyond the personal stories, the movie frames the tour and “Truth or Dare” as landmarks in the push for gay rights and awareness, and makes a convincing case."
-Glenn Kenny, New York Times
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"...Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan's documentary is a cultural record of the highest importance, as it dares to give a serious treatment to presumably frivolous and feminine matters."
-Diego Semerene, Slant Magazine
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"Those terrific dancers who Vogued their way to brief stardom backing up Madonna are front and center in a warm and absorbing doc about their troupe and what went down post-Madge."
-David Noh, Film Journal
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"…focuses on male dancers who actually grabbed the gold, achieved world notoriety, and then fell by the wayside like broken figurines."
-Michael Musto, Paper
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Listen in to WNYC - “Strike a Pose” is the movie of the week. Listen here.

"The movie isn’t just a “Where are they now”, at times, it manages to go deep and uncovers the realities of youth, disease and even what the dark aftermath of fame can feel like."
-Rashmi Gandi,
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The cast and crew of the new documentary "Strike A Pose" (Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour/Truth Or Dare dancers) sit down with Dj StereOtype to kick off new season of SubUrban Underground, promote the documentary, and to discuss everything from the dance industry, pop start rivalries, and HIV.
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